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Grosshandel mit Modeschmuck, Silberschmuck u. Accessoires

back to the german websiteMore than 90 years wholesale (1924 - 2015)
more than 25 years Merci Modeaccessoires (1990 - 2015)


In 1924 my grandfather together with his brother foundet the firm “ Gebrüder Otto”.
In the beginning they traded with brushes, produced in Saxony in the “Erzgebirge”.
They brought them on foot with the backpack or with a wheelbarrow to the retailers in Saxony and
for examble to trade fair in Leipzig at a distance of 90 km as well .
In 1928 the sale already happened with the help of their first own car.
In 1970 my father took over this company and led it through the period of the “communist GDR - planned economy” with continuous lack and patronage by the state.
The range changed and from that time on they traded with pillows and fabric bags for example but also with
traditional “erzgebirgischen” articles
like nutcrackers, little smoking houses (Räucherhäuschen) and other wooden miniatures.
In 1992 they closed the company for reasons of age.


We have been a company since 1 July, 1990.
We supply retailers and wholesalers with fashion accessories per C.O.D and against prepayment.
Many customers also use the opportunity of visiting our “cash and carry shop” in Lichtenstein - Rödlitz and bying directly.
In our shop there are always the latest fashion jewellery and many articles, that aren´t shown in our brochures.
As one of the leading wholesalers of fashion jewellery in Germany, Merci Mode Rödlitz also offers jewellery,
made of sterling silver and of doublé, scarves, sunglasses, handbags, belts and other trendy articles.
Beyond that an increasing part of them receives special advertisings per email.
We usually process orders in 24 -48 hours.

If you have a retailer´s - or wholesailer´s company and you are interested in our products, you can >> contact us without any obligations.
Please, would you enclose a qualified trade licence (copy, scan, ...), so that we can be sure, you aren´t an end user.

Thank you.

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